First, create an account with us.

From our remote mobile enrollment, to our state-of-the-art software, plus our industry-leading live customer support, buying and selling Bitcoin with cash is easier than ever before with BaumCoin.

To start, take a photo of your ID

Here are instructions on how to take a photo of your ID for the BaumCoin Enrollment Form. Please be sure to follow carefully to ensure that your ID image is able to be reviewed clearly.

  • No glare, blur, or shadow
  • Solid background
  • High contrast
  • ID fills photo frame without cutting off any edges
  • Photo taken in landscape mode

Step 1: Take a photo of the front of your ID

Step 2: Take a photo of the back of your ID

Step 3: Take a selfie photo

Step 4: Submit

Submitting your ID can take up to 30 seconds. Do not change the screen or go to another page while it is loading.

If you received an error after submitting your ID, please try again, carefully following the instructions above.

After setting up your BaumCoin account, use either your existing wallet app or download ours, find the closest BaumCoin Bitcoin ATM location, and you’re ready to buy or sell Bitcoin using cash!